Modular Synth Performance #2

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Modular Synth Performance | January 2017

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Written in the spring of 2016, 'Dune' is a piece reflecting a search query within the modular realm. Constructed from improvisations on a modular synthesizer, the piece gets it's breath from the use of a subtle theme on piano. It became apparent that these 'colours' matched very well, lifting the track up and slightly pushing the electronic construct into the background.

Digital track released December 12, 2016 Recorded April 22 2016 Additional recordings June / July 2016 Modular synthesizer / Korg MS10 / Piano / Additional electronics Written, produced and mixed by Julian Edwardes Mastering by Collin Visser @ Studio Antiloop 

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Objects in Mirror are Moving

Belgian artist Felix Kindermann invited three musicians to react to his work through improvisation on the opening night of his exhibition at Club Solo Breda.

This video contains the second piece played that evening.

Tom Jackson - Clarinet

Maurice Charles JJ - Saxophone 

Julian Edwardes - Piano / Modular synth

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Fremdtunes proudly presents the fourth free Supertunes-track: 9 by Dutch trio ∀. The artwork is made by young designer Diede Bongertman. About ∀ The trio ∀ (Wouter Jaftoran, Julian Edwardes, Leon van den Langenberg) explores patterns, grooves, thrust and repetitions, searching for a mutual consciousness in their experiments. ∀ is a symbol from the world of logic, meaning ‘for all….there exists’ within an equation. Known as the ‘universal quantifier’ it is used to bind variables, saying that for each ‘element’ (x) that complies to a certain demand ‘there exists’ a certain variable. It’s an another way of saying - we are in this together and what applies to you applies to me. “For us it was important to record our parts in one take, as we wanted to push ourselves in keeping the groove going, to capture the energy of the room. We all felt it was a way of creating music we could all relate to and enjoy. It’s an ‘engine’ we want to keep running. The electronics were added to the piece in such a way that machines and algorithms react to our way of playing, providing a contrast in sound and emphasizing our pulse.”

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New video 'The Grinder ' at Vevo

Vevo power-premieres the new video for 'The Grinder'. Directed by Henk Loorbach aka Superelectricvideo. ‪#‎VevoNLPowerPremière‬ Fremdtunes

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Jazz week Hijgend Hert Breda

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Score for Afterlight 3d projection mapping

Client: Afterlight | Date: 2/10/2014

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Jazzfestival Breda 2014

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Places - Something special from Lomechanik

With it’s 25th release Lomechanik brings you 25 tracks in two hours time and a special limited edition of the: ‘PLACES AUDIOPOSTCARDS’ set. Each track on ‘Places’ has it’s own postcard with URL audiocode: Order them now and send them while you’re on the road as an account of your trip to the one you love. We wish you were here!

Rapalje Ep - out now on Fremdtunes

After the release of 2013's Paragon EP, Dutch artist Julian Edwardes returns to the musical playground with a new 3-track treasure called Rapalje. Edwardes kicks the door in with low-keyed electric piano play, dense percussion and electrifying harmonies on Skelter. Sacre Bleu keeps the ball rolling with a more tranquil, silky vibe before finishing off the EP with the stunning, progressive style of Rapalje.

The music of Julian Edwardes (Breda, The Netherlands) has its counterpart in the works of artists like Flying Lotus, Badbadnotgood, Tortoise and Mouse on Mars. Edwardes re-samples, chops and screws sounds coming from ancient synths and 21st century machines and arranges them in his eccentric musical constructions. He worked with artists like Big Mister Doom, Ben Butler & Mousepad, E.R.P., Emufucka, Pierce Warnecke and Julien Mier + he released music on labels like Shipwrec, Filthy Broke Recordings and Lomechanik.

credits released 28 April 2014

Produced, written & composed by Julian Edwardes

Mastered by Collin Visser/Takumi Audio 

Design & artwork by Mister Adam 

Illustration by Leon van den Langenberg 

Released by Fremdtunes 2014

Rapalje is available at Juno / Boomkat / iTunes / Bandcamp or almost any digital store you can think of.

Etch a Sketch - with Julien Mier

Reprogram - A sequence of remixes

Reprogram involves 16 tracks that were previously released through Fremdtunes and are remixed and published online as a string of free downloads. One by one these tracks will be shared through various platforms in a period of a few weeks. Every song will get brand new artwork made by a renowned graphic designer. The whole album will be available via Bandcamp on November 23rd. All remixes are mastered by Collin Visser (Takumi Audio). Graphic design is curated by Mister Adam/Mashville. The original tracks involved with Reprogram are produced by Julian Edwardes, Jay Hats, Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Optimus ft Prince Po, Emufucka, Kelpe, OptiMace, Pierce Warnecke, Fremdkunst, Kid Sundance, Planes, Big Mister Doom and FilthyBroke. All originals can be heard on The reworks are done by Pierce Warnecke, Planes, Moods, Coco Bryce, Jay Hats, Julian Edwardes, DJ Optimus, Grazzhoppa, Big Mister Doom, DJ Mace, FilthyBroke, Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez, Emufucka and Deformer. The graphic artists joining Reprogram are Jasper Andries, Graphic Surgery, Gijs Weijer, Henk Loorbach (Superelectric), Francesco Castellani, Erosie, Steve Alexander (Rinzen), Mister Adam, Spielerei, Zedz, Bas Koopmans (Baster), Cless, Hedof, Freshco, Raymond Lemstra and Monkey.

Emufucka - Orbit Unlimited remix

Words: Chris Kokiousis ( XLR8R )

Fremdtunes, a Dutch electronic label, has a new project in the works titled Reprogram, on which 16 previously released tracks by label artists like Coco Bryce and Kelpe will receive the remix treatment. And each of the new remixes will initially debut as a free download with unique artwork, culminating in an official Bandcamp release of the complete album. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering Julian Edwardes' rich, melodic revision of "Orbit Unlimited," a slice of bright, bass-focused sounds from Tokyo's Emufucka. Edwardes massages the original production into a moodier, funky cut filled with warbling synths that intermittently sputter and overload, like a genteel take on new dubstep tropes. But the radiant synth layers eventually win out, shining the original melody through a symphonic prism.

Download the remix at

Best Buds Vol 2

One of my latest tracks 'Working You' is featured on the Best Buds Volume 2 by FilthyBroke Recordings Like the first volume it's totally free!

Lomechanik Lo Pack

One of my electronic works called 'Kraft' is featured on the latest Lomechanik compilation 'Lo Pack'.

Zerotwentyfour: the area code of Nijmegen, the Dutch city in which the adventurous label Lomechanik has its roots. 024 is also the catalogue number for the new compilation on this label: the twentyfourth release already on Lomechanik. This release is the third compilation in its sort on the label – after the succesful compilations ‘Zonnebrand’ and ‘Ondergrond’, now Lomechanik drops ‘Lo Pack’. Lomechanik has built up a big network within the Dutch electronic music scene, which the composition of this compilation shows. On Lo Pack new sounds by artists which released before on Lomechanik, like Julien Mier, Julian Edwardes, Terugklap, Raadsel and Know VA. Besides those some new talents are showcased, with intruiging names like Asterisms, Kadugodi, Kalima, MSNTHRPX, Tablow Adnt, en vd Waal. The music meanders smoothly between the upbeat, melodic tracks like ‘Bamboo Bracelets’ by Julien Mier, the wonky broken madness by Terugklap in ‘It’s My Thing’ and the more introverted track ‘GAAP’ (which translates as ‘YAWN’) by Raadsel. Within the period of the eighty minutes the compilation lasts you’ll be transported on this cinematic stream of inspired sound. A sound which, despite its broadness, is clearly recognizable as a Lomechanik sound: underground, deep, exciting, broken and full. A sound which goes to show that the future of Dutch electronic music is bright.

Moeland Remixes

Last summer Omi EKP scored a theatre project named ‘Moeland’ which kicked up a fair amount of dust. Now there’s the Moeland Remixes, with 9 very capable producers each presenting their take on one of the original pieces. Styles on the Moeland Remixes vary from drone (B van Heerden), heavy electronics (Julian Edwardes, GBoah, Eigenheimer), instrumental hiphop (Frietboer) , to the tropical sounds of the Bomb Diggy Crew, the very danceable, hipster friendly breakbeats of Coco Bryce and Motëm and possibly even more danceable four-to-the-floor expeditions by Esolar and Stavaro Blowfeldt.

Also check out Omi EKP’s original ‘Moeland’ score via and his rap record ‘Terug Naar Planeet Rock’, released on Frietboerism last February.

credits released 02 June 2013

Best Buds Vol 1

My track 'Little Things' is featured on the Best Buds Volume 1, released by Filthybroke Recordings (US). It's a free download so go get it, some amazing stuff on there!

The Grinder 10"

Dutch label Shipwrec and Fremdtunes cast off for uncharted waters, setting sail to proudly introduce the fresh new release ‘The Grinder’ by Julian Edwardes! Julian Edwardes is a Dutch artist that bends the limitations of hiphop and bass music, his first outing on vinyl takes elements of these sounds and twists them into a new form. The title track (previously released digitally on ‘PARAGON‘) judders and shakes into life with a controlled tempo adding gravity to the mix. Sombre notes drop to create a melancholic muscular beast. The flip sees E.R.P. aka Gerard Hanson aka Convextion flying in from Texas on remix duty. The rougher edges of the original are cleaned by reverberating arpeggios before a terse broken beat lands. Hanson weaves his magic, a lush melody of IDM depth descends to elevate this remix into something sublime. Something special from Shipwrec and Fremdtunes… Vinyl (10-INCH!) only with amazing artwork by Graphic Surgery!

Terug naar Planeet Rock

Dutch rapper and long time homie Omi EKP and myself made a track for his second EP called 'Terug naar Planeet Rock'. Available at Frietboerism.