Fremdtunes proudly presents the fourth free Supertunes-track: 9 by Dutch trio ∀. The artwork is made by young designer Diede Bongertman. About ∀ The trio ∀ (Wouter Jaftoran, Julian Edwardes, Leon van den Langenberg) explores patterns, grooves, thrust and repetitions, searching for a mutual consciousness in their experiments. ∀ is a symbol from the world of logic, meaning ‘for all….there exists’ within an equation. Known as the ‘universal quantifier’ it is used to bind variables, saying that for each ‘element’ (x) that complies to a certain demand ‘there exists’ a certain variable. It’s an another way of saying - we are in this together and what applies to you applies to me. “For us it was important to record our parts in one take, as we wanted to push ourselves in keeping the groove going, to capture the energy of the room. We all felt it was a way of creating music we could all relate to and enjoy. It’s an ‘engine’ we want to keep running. The electronics were added to the piece in such a way that machines and algorithms react to our way of playing, providing a contrast in sound and emphasizing our pulse.”

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