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Breda Barst 2012

Footage of our performance at the Breda Barst festival 2012.

Shot by Thomas Ritzen

Edited by Julian Edwardes / Mastering by Sonic Monkey

Mezz Breda 2012

A fine Mess

A fine Mess is a free EP released on the dutch label Fremdtunes. The overall character of the music carries weakness, troubling thoughts, chaos, sleepless nights and lost days. But also hope, love, inner-peace. And somehow each track re-assures in it's own way. As cliche as it sounds; there is no beauty without ugliness, success doesn't come without failure and peace can only be achieved if one has experienced chaos. In the end, 'A fine mess' is dedicated to loved ones, hoping to provide them with the energy needed and to not only help look ahead, but certainly look at the present. credits released 10 May 2012. Produced & written by Julian Edwardes Artwork by Julian Edwardes Mastered by Julian Edwardes Published by Fremdtunes

Ondergrond compilation

Two of my tracks 'Shortcuts' and 'Autumn Bleeds' are featured on the Lomechanik compilation 'Ondergrond'.

The title ‘Ondergrond’ stands for rooting in fertile soil, uncovering earth layers and moving forward into depths. ‘Ondergrond’ tells a narrative through exciting electronic music. Sultry like spring, that’s ‘Ondergrond’. Presenting some new names, as well as artists that are already known through their previous releases on Lomechanik.

See A Sound

Music inspires designers. Images inspire musicians. The project SEE-A-SOUND, initiated by Fremdtunes and Mashville, shows you what music looks like according to designers and let’s you hear what images sound like according to musicians. One discipline provides inspiration for the other. This album contains the 10 tracks that resulted from the collaborations for SEE-A-SOUND in 2011, coming from Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Mace/Fremdkunst, DJ Optimus, Jameszoo, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, R&R Grooove Xpress, Solo Moderna and Soosh. They were inspired by the works of Attak, Boris Tellegen, Graphic Surgery, Jeroen Erosie, Loulou & Tummie, Michiel Schuurman, Mister Adam, Staynice, Studio Boot and Supernova.